Do you have Toxic People Around You?


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S A U N A I E Presents T O X I C P E O P L E

Q U O T E S: Forget Inspiration. Habit is more Dependable. Habit will Sustain you whether you're inspired or not.

2nd: You Reap Fruit from the same kind of Seed you've been Sowing. You can't Talk Negative & Expect to Live Positive.

S E G M E N T S: Types of Toxic People, & Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

#1: Types of Toxic People with this segment we'll be Analyizing ourselves

1. The Energy Drainer

2. The Fake Complimentor:

3. The Pessimist

4. The Criticizer

5. The Manipulator

6. The Victim

S E G M E N T #2 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

1. Stimulation: Challenge Your Brain with Puzzles & Games

2. Exercise: Consistent Physical Exercise will Heal the Brain & keeps it Fit.

3. Proper Diet: Eat foods with Protein, Unsaturated Fats, Fruits, & Vegetables

4. Safety: Avoid Head Trauma by Wearing Helmets & Seat-belts

5. Sleep Habits: Brains need around 7-8 hours of Sleep to Process & Recharge.

6. Learning: Keep Your Brain Young by Learning New Things like a Language.

7. Switch Routines: Change Habits, it'll Surprise Your Brain & turns off Auto-Pilot

8. Be Social: Interacting will Trigger Brain Processes & Lowers Depression.

9. Manage Stress: Try Relaxation, as Stress Exhausts Your Brain & Hormones

10. Read Books: Words & Stories Reduce the Risk of Cognitive Decline.

11. Avoid Substances: Alcohol, Drugs, & Smoking is Bad for your Brain Health

12. Digital Detox: Too Much Screen Time impacts Sleep & will Overwhelm the Brain.

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