What You Need to Know to Understand All This Bannon Business


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RUSH: The Steve Bannon interview… I’ve been getting emails all day from people who want my take on this, so I’m gonna go ahead and get into this now. I got to tell you again up front, I don’t know the guy. I haven’t even…

He’s been in a room twice when I have been with the president, but I’ve never been formally introduced even, and I’ve never spoken directly to him. So none of this is, to me, based on any personal knowledge I have of Bannon or the arrangement that Trump and Bannon have. All I can do is speculate hire, which I’ll be happy to do. Now, the reason that Washington’s in a tizzy today is because Bannon called Robert Kuttner at The American Prospect for an exclusive interview. This would be like Reagan calling Pravda.

Unreal, of all the people Bannon could call, he calls Kuttner at The American Prospect. He calls somebody that hates Trump as much as anybody hates Trump, and it was not off the record. He wanted it known. Whatever was in this interview, Bannon wants out there, and it’s out there. I watched Karl Rove react to it today and he was beside himself. He just could not believe any of this. He couldn’t believe any aspect of it, thought it was the craziest, strangest, oddest, dumbest thing he’s ever seen from any administration.


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