Columbus Day Under Assault


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RUSH: Bonnie in Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania, welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you, sir, hello. Ma’am! Sorry.

CALLER: That’s okay, Rush. Today is Columbus Day. And I would like you to talk about Christopher Columbus.

RUSH: Well, I have a stack of Christopher Columbus stuff here.

CALLER: Oh, great. Great.

RUSH: It’s not what you’re gonna want to hear.

CALLER: Maybe. (chuckles) I think he was a great, courageous visionary. I think he’s a great role model for today’s youth. He was an entrepreneur. If he didn’t come here, if he didn’t bump into America, who knows how the world would be different, but it would definitely be different.

RUSH: I know. We wouldn’t have cigars.

CALLER: (laughing) That’s right we wouldn’t have all this great food. We wouldn’t have freedom, because he really laid the foundation for that here. And I’m so frustrated when I hear only the bad things about him and all the garbage that they taught in the schools about him, and so I’d like to ask everybody to put their flag out today and maybe make a good dinner for their family and celebrate Columbus Day.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: You bet. I’m glad you called. From the Rasmussen Reports Web page: ‘Twenty-four percent of Americans believe we should not honor Columbus with a national holiday.’ This is the result of government and multicultural education winning. From, let’s see, where’s this from? The Washington Post. Boyce Rensberger, November 1, 1992. We went back to the archives. This is, what, seventeen…? Man, oh, man that’s seventeen years ago. ‘The chief rival position — called the Columbian theory — argues that there was no syphilis in Europe until Columbus took it there. Advocates of this view agree that ‘leprosy’ was a mixture of true leprosy with other sexually transmitted diseases, but that none of them was syphilis. More likely, they argue, the other disease was gonorrhea,’ which my health teacher in junior high be pronounced gong-gorrhea. ‘Question: Did Syphilis Sail to Europe With Columbus and Crew?’ And they’ve been debating this.

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