An Interview About Interviewing with Jane Lindholm


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Jane Lindholm recently left her position as host of Vermont Edition, VPR’s midday public affairs show. In her fourteen years on the show, Jane interviewed governors, senators, authors, wildlife biologists…she interviewed me once, which was awful because I couldn’t think fast enough. I have no idea how she does it, which is why I wanted to talk with her. What is it like to be live every day with a different person? And what is it like to be a regular fixture in the lives of Vermonters every day? And then…not?

Mostly this is a show for those of you who’ve been listening to Jane for fourteen years. To hear about what’s actually going on in that studio, and in her mind during Vermont Edition. We sat in her garage, in foldout chairs, between her husband’s bee keeping equipment and her kids old bikes.

Where is Jane now??

She’s focusing on her podcast, But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids, which she produces with Melody Bodette, and plans to produce special projects with VPR. And that will be awesome.

Music for this show is by my excellent friends Brian Clark and Mike Donofio.

Thanks to Tobin Anderson for his help, as always.

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