The Tropetastic Kindness Bundle


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The #RomanceClass podcast had a tropetastic launch for season four with the launch of a short story anthology: The Tropetastic Kindness Bundle. It’s an anthology of romance stories written by #RomanceClass authors — and all proceeds of the sale will go to good causes such as disaster relief and livelihood programs for women and vulnerable communities. Host: Tara Frejas Mina V. Esguerra “Pleasure to Meet You” (Trope: Minor Celebrity) Guests: Angel C. Aquino “Home at Last” (Trope: The Protector)Suzette de Borja “Be With Me” (Trope: Locked Out Of Apartment”) Georgette S. Gonzales “Perfect Dad” (Trope: Single Parent)Katt Briones “Two Doors Down” (Trope: Mail Delivered By Mistake)Jay E. Tria “You Belong With Me” (Trope: Best Friend’s Sibling)Carla de Guzman “Congrats, You’re In Love!” (Trope: Forced Proximity)Dawn Lanuza “Noted” (Trope: There’s Only One Bed) 00:00 – Intro01:05 – #Tropetastic202101:27 – Subscribe to the podcast02:09 – Carla de Guzman and Dawn Lanuza10:00 – The KiligCast Newsletter10:39 – Angel C. Aquino, Suzette de Borja, Georgette S. Gonzales20:28 – Subscribe to the Podcast21:45 – Katt Briones and Jay E. Tria29:53 – Pahabol – Mina V. Esguerra “Pleasure to Meet You” Buy the Tropetastic Kindness Bundle Watch the full video Subscribe to the #RomanceClass Podcast to get new chapters as soon as they’re available: iTunes / Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Google Podcasts Listen on Stitcher RSS The #RomanceClass Podcast is part of the Frolic Podcast Network. Discover other great romance-themed podcast by visiting the Frolic website. The post The Tropetastic Kindness Bundle first appeared on #RomanceClass Podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

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