Episode 08 – Finding X by Miles Tan


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#romanceclass podcast Episode 8: Finding X Buy the album here. Subscribe to our YouTube channel or get us on iTunes to get each new romance reading as it’s uploaded. A weekly dose of feels! In this episode: Rachel Coates is Carlisle Gio Gahol is Matteo Get the book on Amazon. Order the print edition (Philippines). Book description: Is there a science to falling in love? Carlisle Santiago is through with men. After the devastating end of a seven-year relationship, she’s trying to put her life back together. What she doesn’t know is that she is the subject of the patient and methodical observations of blue-haired scientist Matteo Villegas, who just wants to find love himself. She must decide whether she’s ready to give love another shot or if this is doomed to be one failed experiment. Contact author Miles Tan Twitter: @maedinn Facebook Contact the actors Gio Gahol Rachel Coates #romanceclass podcast produced by Tania Arpa and Mina V. Esguerra. Recorded live at The Filipino Readercon, De La Salle University, November 2015. Subscribe on iTunes Podcast Apps | YouTube | Buy on GumroadThe post Episode 08 – Finding X by Miles Tan first appeared on #RomanceClass Podcast. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/romanceclass/message

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