Language of Christmas // Part 3: Quality Time // Jason Hale


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You can tell a lot about a person based on how they spend their money and how they spend their time. Based on your schedule, is it obvious who and what is important to you? Each of us gets the same twenty-four-hour period in a day, but we all have an unknown number of days to live. The goal of the Christ-follower is to make much of Jesus and to put others first. If someone took a deep dive into how you spend your time, especially at Christmas, would it be obvious to them that Christ is at the center of it all? Would it be obvious to them that the people in your life matter and that loving them well is at the core of who you are? Regardless of a person’s love language, the time you spend with them matters. Whether it’s keeping long-held traditions, cultivating new experiences, or just carving out time to support and encourage, we all need quality time to receive love. More than anything you do this year, know that the time you spend loving others and, most importantly, pointing them to Jesus, will not be wasted.

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