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True crime lovers, buckle up! Judith Fordham is back and she's smack bang in the middle of an investigation that's been reopened after 30 year to reveal what looks like a hugely corrupt police murder in South Australia...

Firstly, here's a bit about Judith... Throughout her career Judith has assisted police in the investigation and prosecution of criminal offences with a special interest and expertise in forensics, including pathology, ballistics and entomology.

This particular case just aired this week on Under Investigation with Liz Hayes Monday 26 September on Channel 9; Geoff “Whit” Whitford, a detective in South Australia, is said to have committed suicide on a deserted beach. But there seemed to be little justification for this esteemed officer and devoted father to take his own life.

He was the leader of a top-secret task force that had found evidence of widespread police corruption. Whit’s daughter and former police officer Amanda Schultz’s fresh information, along with exclusive access to a secret police file, help Under Investigation make a strong case that murder may have been the cause of the incident.

The reason? Geoff Whitford knew too much. Calls are now being made in the South Australian parliament for an independent inquiry.


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