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More and more couples these days are turning to IVF and fertility clinics in order to have a family... It's a tough, expensive and emotional roller coaster. But what happens when couples play in that space for a decade more, never to get the outcome they desire.

Russell and Suzanne know this experience all too well. They've invested their time, money, emotions and energy in doing everything in their power to overcome their own fertility challenges. They made decisions for their children's futures, prepared their home and planned their lives that were essentially put on hold and pulled from pillar to post only to be spat out the other side 'childless not by choice'.

How does this effect the relationship between a couple, the mental (and physical) health of the individuals and the relationships with those around them... family, colleagues and friends. How do we support those who grieve on multiple levels for a loss of something others simply don't recognise existed in the first place?

This is a great chat about a tough and likely not widely recognised topic.








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