059: Balancing Disability & Entrepreneurship with Sara Thompson, creator of the Combat Wheelchair


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Today, I have the absolute pleasure to introduce you to Sara Thompson. Sara is most widely known for the Combat Wheelchair they created for D&D, but she is also a freelance game designer working with companies like Paizo and R Talsorian Games. We definitely talk about Sara’s game design processes, but this episode is extra special to me because we spend time talking about disability and working as a freelancer with your disabilities. Those of you who’ve listened to episodes of this show in past will know that I’m disabled and went through a lot of unpleasant things last year while trying to figure out entrepreneurship, so it was really meaningful to chat with Sara and learn how she manages her day to day schedule and how they balance varying energy levels and flare-ups with deadlines as a freelancer. I really hope you enjoy this very special conversation.
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