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🌟Rockstars of Ethereum Vol. 2🌟 is a show about the journey and awesome work people are doing in Ethereum and Web3.0 ecosystem
In our today's episode, we have with us Aidan Hyman - Co-founder & CEO of ChainSafe and a certified Scrum Master. In this teaser, Aidan puts some light on how the name ChainSafe came into existence.
📺 On the Brief:
– Know more about Aidan & how the ChainSafe journey started.
– How Aidan got into Crypto.
– Evolution of Blockchain technology through out the years.
– How and where Web3 JS is going? Is it going Multi-chain?
– Aidan's favourite Layer 2.
– Aidan's significant milestones in his Web3 journey.
– And much more! In this new episode of Rockstar of Ethereum ✨
🎧 Aidan's recommend song:
Disclaimer: Any talk in the episode shouldn’t be construed as any form of financial advice. DYOR!
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