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Okay okay... every once in awhile, I get super nervous doing an interview. It isn't intended, obviously, and my energy goes through the roof, so hang on to your hats, because I'm off the rails today.
I was so ecstatic to connect with Greg and Sean from the global supergroup, Vented and it shows.
Vented was founded not long ago, and for a brief time, Joey Jordison of Slipknot fame, was a member. That is until Joey sadly passed.
Speaking today with Greg and Sean, I was able to get a better understanding of the hows and whys of Joey's involvement and what the band is doing to push forward.
The band has already released 2 amazingly heavy singles and have a few more coming, until we'll finally get the monster in a box long player that I'm dreaming of hearing. If you like heavy music, you already know these guys and you're probably in agreement that this record is going to kill.
With that, let's fall off the cliff together, into the abyss of the most brutal music this side of Sunday. This is Vented, and you're listening to the very excited Rockstar Superhero.
Time Codes:
1:45 The traction behind Vented
4:00 Instrumental vs front man singer
7:00 The Joey Jordison effect
11:00 Building the brand through catharsis
14:30 Surprised by the past influences
17:45 Gergo's desire to be in the band with Sean
20:45 Never changing tones
23:40 Dealing with strong personalities
26:40 Social media has blown up the band
29:00 Nervous to hang with the band
31:25 Special guests on the new record
33:55 Sean traveled to Budapest
36:10 The endless perils of travel
38:00 Hellfest and Wacken at noon
40:40 The unbelievable effect
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