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Matt Wagner is going to surprise you. His energy and voice seemingly know no boundaries... at least not yet.
Matt's voice is a new icon waiting for discovery and I'm so proud to be one of the first to spread his message of good musical news.
I was fortunate to discover Matt through a business relationship, who simply sent me an email asking my professional opinion. Now, usually when one gets these emails, the performers are average at best, so I wasn't expecting much, but then I heard his new single, Sorry, and I about lost my mind.
Perfect pop nuggets aside, this is the new thing. Your ears are on the cusp of making a new friend and I'm so glad Matt gave me the time to share his story with you.
So, without further ado, let's jump on the call and make it happen. This is Matt Wagner, otherwise known as MNERVA, and this is Rockstar Superhero.
Time Codes:
2:00 Talking to Matt about the stories behind MNERVA
5:00 Seeing the angles
8:00 The work ethic is key
11:00 Being in the middle of the pack
14:00 What did I miss?
17:30 Being into rap, soul, and R&B
21:00 Tossing water on the fire
24:20 Sometimes it doesn't land
27:30 Excited about a certain song
30:40 The first real fan of MNERVA
34:00 Nirvana and Tobi Vail
37:10 Making life happen
40:40 Motley Crue's The Dirt
44:20 Never changing and doing because we love it
47:25 Releasing the music for others
50:30 Average at best
53:25 Capturing the perfect moment really quickly
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