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You can see and hear RXPTRS coming a mile away. What's most amazing is how they've figured out, in this day and age, to bring something new and fresh when it should be an utterly impossible thing to accomplish.
How exactly does one invent a new sound? Just what is it about these guys? And what the heck were they thinking with that name?
Well, if you even remotely enjoy rock, pop, or metal, chances are you'll love the way RXPTRS brings the juice. When I say they own an original sound, it's probably because they own who they are.
This interview will prove my point, so I'm not giving anything else away. Dive into the pool populated by 5 outrageously talented and passionate musicians and when you come up for air, you'll be smiling from ear to ear.
This is RXPTRS on Rockstar Superhero.
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1:25 Surprise, it's a full band interview
4:20 The bass player is the most important player
7:00 Being music fans regardless of genre
10:30 Demonstrating emotion as musicians
13:30 The band lives together in Bristol
16:10 The formation and story of a song
19:00 The pure rock and roll of RXPTRS
21:30 Sitting in an angry corner
25:00 From the first note, being all in
28:20 Where does that weird name come from?
31:10 The RXPTRS mentality as a family unit
34:20 The death of the ego is the best way
37:00 Imploding on a binge
40:00 Headlining the bigger festivals in the near future
42:40 Getting to the next level and being ahead
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