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As Dennis Sanders says 'Life has a way of saying "don't get too comfortable,"' and maybe that's exactly why I like his music so much.
Today, on the show, you're going to make another new discovery with me, as we listen to the first moments a new artistic friendship was formed.
Dennis' band, Spirit in the Room, is a dark hearted novel come to amazing life and we are all here to witness it's truth and fiction. The new album, Flamingo, is a thickly mixed, dense and brutally melancholy work of singularity. The name of the band clearly draws a line in the sand, because the music does sound like a spirit in the room. I'm just not sure if it's friendly or not.
Why tell you anything more, when you can listen to our great great great conversation? The answer is "I'm not going to." You'll have to take the next 45 minutes to learn the truth about the man, the band, and the reasons behind it.
This is Spirit in the Room and you're listening to Rockstar Superhero.
Time codes:
1:50 Dennis' artistic journey
3:45 Thirteen years later
6:00 Living in so many places
8:40 Sleeping in one's truck
11:40 When you're the problem
14:15 Fixing yourself is required
17:00 Hiding smiles from others
19:25 Going through tragedy to become kind
22:00 How does Dennis get through
25:00 Flamingo is the new EP
27:30 Spirit in the Room doesn't collaborate
31:00 Trusting others artistically
34:00 The last breath allows you to suffer
37:00 Depeche Mode can't help it
40:00 Artists want to stick in your memory forever
42:50 Do your own thing and stop worrying
45:00 A musical David Lynch
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