A Second Shot at Life: How I Became A Whole-Life Millionaire with Marie-Helene Lamarre


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In 2010, Marie-Helene Lamarre was pronounced dead in the emergency room after being involved in a fatal car accident.

One of the doctors refused to give up, and she was brought back just moments later.

This was a pivotal moment in Marie-Helene’s life, because during this moment she had a revelation: being paid a salary and working for someone else makes no sense, her time is invaluable, and you can create anything you put your mind to.

Marie-Helene was born with, what I like to call, passionate curiosity. This curiosity for life and people led her to obtain a master’s degree in environmental sciences and an MBA in bioindustry.

Marie-Helene has also worked with the United Nations in Russia, assessing and reinforcing the sustainability of constructive relations on an international level.

Today, Marie-Helene is an entrepreneur, investor, visionary, coach, mother, lover of all outdoor activities, former gymnast, and a badass Whole-Life Millionaire!

In this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life, Marie-Helene and I discuss how her life changed after she was brought back to life, how the M1 Mastermind helped her achieve millionaire status, and how simple mindset shifts completely changed her life.

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