Episode 73: TCM Host ALICIA MALONE On Her New Book GIRLS ON FILM & More!


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It was an honour to get the opportunity to interview TCM (Turner Classic Movies) Host Alicia Malone! We discuss her new book GIRLS ON FILM: Lessons From A Life Of Watching Women In Movies!
We also touch on some of Alicia's favourite films, such as, THE APARTMENT, DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST, SMOOTH TALK, THE HITCH-HIKER, SINGING IN THE RAIN and SMOOTH TALK!
I highly recommend her new book! It's a moving story, which is part memoir, part film analysis and part film history! If you're a film buff, I think you'll find it very relatable, as well as being relatable on a universal human level, as Alicia talks about her struggles and obstacles that she has overcome!
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