S3E4: Peace and Love


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John and Sapphire respond to their new situation in Oi, unsure whether or not it is safe or right to intervene in the city's affairs.

Rivers of the Mind was written and produced by Timmy Vilgiate, who also played the part of John. Sophia Doss played the part of Sapphire, and C.j. Hackett played the part of the prophet. Crowd voices were provided by Hugo Delgado and Michael Merriam. Bird reference sounds were collected by Josep del Hoyo, Santiago Imberti, Laurent Demongin, Carlos Gussoni, and Scott Olmstead, all contributors to the Internet Bird Collection. As always, Freesound.org provided most of our sound effects. Sound effects in this episode included "smashing toilet" by KeyKrusher, "Glass bottle Smashing" by awholenewlife1, "Glass Breaking" by Samgd14, "Hitting in a Face" by florianreichelt, "Crowd in Panic" by ienba, "20181018.scream03.wav" by dobroide, "human male scream terrified" by natemarler, "Scream, female, x2" by peridactyloprtix, "Footsteps Running away Fading" by Rudmer Roteveel, "yell kid male help help" by benjaminharveydesign, "boulderfall1" by AGC66, "Single Rock hit Dirt" by worthahep88, "Female horror cries: Help" by AmeAngelofSin, "Arrow Impact 3" by Ali6868, "Caball galop passa i frene" by Crater RF, "Boiling Towel" by unfa, "Heavy Rain" by lebaston100, "Whoosh" and "Big water splash" by qubodup, "Big wave splash" by soundmary, "niagara falls_02052017_002" by miastodzwiekow, "20130101_221450_rattsjoen_creaking ice" by hoersturz, "Rain heard 900 meters below the sea surface" by MBARI_MARS, "18_Underwater_Waves1" by tomtenney, "01 Morning Listening" by listening to whales, "Lobster Breathing" by baryy, "Clay Pottery Drop 'n' Break" by Kinoton, "Protest01" by karymronda, "Any_Word2_ses2"" Any_Word_ses2" and "War_ses2" by freesound, "Crowd/Mob/Riot Noise" by FillMat, "Crowd.Yay.Applause.25ppl.Long" and "Crowd.Yay.Applause.25ppl.Short" by Jesse Pash, "Water Splashes" by Phil25, "Jump into water splash sound" by Nikhill Kumar, "OneWaveInTelukNipah" by LoopUdu, "Hydrophone-Dissolving Vitamin C Tablet" by Sonic-ranger, "Hydrophone underwater stream quiet pipe" and "Hydrophone underwater stream close pipe gurgle" by Javier Zumer, "HighflowRiver" by Cagan Celik and "cicade at nighttime animals 02" by Eelke.

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