S3E2: Oi'te'lotep


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John and Sapphire have an unexpected encounter while traveling along the vein of silver they discovered in the previous episode.


Timmy Vilgiate: John; Sophie Doss: Sapphire; C.j. Hackett: Prophet Oi'te'lotep


Joshua Leano (Featured as an old man at a threshold), Daniel Rojas (Featured as a sculptor), Cindy Verzwyvelt (Featured as Gebbadali), Christina Vilgiate (Featured as the person Sapphire bumps into), Marissa Burdette, Anthony Carlson, Priscilla Yip, Collin Estes, Erin Caitlinn, and Anthony Vilgiate.


Theme and music by Timmy Vilgiate Production by Timmy Vilgiate Shoutout to speakers Silbo Gomero language of the Canary Islands, which was sampled in this episode to represent the language of the shepherds on the outside of the city. Sound effects (mostly) from Freesound.org, including "weak clapping" by FreqMan, "Running" by Juandamb, "Woman in Pain by Coral_Island_Studios, "10 Slap_real" by stereostereo, "Filing coarse Hand Aluminum Panel" by markpSFX, "trowel, mixing mortar" by be_a_hero_not_a_patriot, "big crowd chatter" by Kyster, "Wood Carving Off Mic" benboncan, "Avoncroft Blacksmith" by phonoflora, "herd of cows, mooing", by Martin Sadoux, "Cow Scream" by gibarroule, "Cow2" by genghisattenborough, "Sheep bleating" by zachrau, "Chickens" by Dann93, "Marche ext. Soissons..." by loillieux, "market trader NL 02 1603..." by klankbeeld, "VillageLaughter1" by acclivity", "Dolen village July morning..." by mihal40, "Italian village no traffic" by squidge316, "Market Cerdanyola" by bitlab_coop, "Street Market 2" by Stevious42, "fishermen shouts India" by kyles, "Fishing boats in harbour" by Satoration, "Cows Birds Spring' by 4barrelcarb, "Highflow River" by Cagan Celik, "River Teign and birds..." by Philip Goddard, "Walking on stone" by tigersound, "Footsteps" by TheSoundcatcher, "G52-05 Ox Cart" by craigsmith, "Canarian whistled language" by FonotecadeCanarias, and "cicade at nighttime" by Eelke.

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