S3E1: The Bird


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After killing Ryan, John and Sapphire find themselves stranded in a decomposing psychic hexateron.


C.j. Hackett: Ryan

Christina Vilgiate: Ryan's Mom

Timmy Vilgiate: John

Sophia Doss: Sapphire


Written, produced, and recorded by Timmy Vilgiate

Featured sounds from freesound.org, including "lava loop" 1 and 2 by fission9, "kilauea lava" by e, dry ice and piano effects by batchku, "peace and anarchy2" by noise collector, "squeaky cabinet" by bormane, "aluminum cans" by kev durr, footsteps down stairs 2 by sinatra313, "fast reverse vortex" by earlcash05, footsteps on wood by mydo1, building collapse sounds by onteca, "windy creaky old house ambience" by pfranzen, "door-creaking" by ken788, "whistling antarctic blizzard" by stormpetrel, "magpie wings flapping" by digifishmusic, "birdflap3, deeper" by agentdd, and "an afternoon with the Buller's albatross" by stormpetrel. The other bird sounds were compiled from the Handbook of the Birds of the World's "Internet Bird Collection." I used sounds of albatrosses from the Diomedea and Phoebastria genuses.

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