S2E12: Tcinti


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Meagan comes face to face with the tobacco spirits and struggles to learn their language. CAST Kyla Valenti: Meagan Dominick Vilgiate: Jacob Christopher Fox: Tobacco Timothy Vilgiate: Eggplant, Pepper, The Great High Waters Jareth Spirio: Colonel Imes PRODUCTION Written and edited by Timothy Vilgiate Mandola, bowed glockenspiel, (some) bowed cymbals, bowed sheet metal by Timothy Vilgiate First half recorded at UCCS Radio by Timothy Vilgiate, and by Christopher Fox from Kansas City. Second half recorded by Kyla Valenti in Michigan. Ending Song: Titles and Cue Cards by A Bad Night For a Hero/C.j. Hackett Season 2 artwork by Jesse Robertson SOUND EFFECTS (From Freesound) Car Window Down by digifishmusic Metal Farm Gate in Wales by earwicker23 Creature Breath by Jacobalcook Tobacco cough by FreqMan 01543 flying dragon by Robinhood 76 METAL Screech by metrostock99 Muffled Distant Explosion by Nenad Simic Collision Reverb by Qubodup Bowed_hihat4 and Bowed_hihat1 by carthach Sweep-Cymbal by hannagreen Ambiance Idling Car by 1san car door slam by theshaggyfreak

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