S1E11: The Gift of Language


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In this episode, after John is attacked by the strange Fisherman with the strange white flowers (in an episode no one remembers recording), Meagan takes over, and has to find a way to save the universe from the Beyond! CAST Kyla Valenti: Meagan, one of the kids Ray Yost: Cassandra, one of the kids Timothy Vilgiate: one of the kids Written and produced by Timothy Vilgiate Sound design and synthesizer by Timothy Vilgiate Viola played by Grace Palten THIS SHOW IS NOT MEANT TO ENCOURAGE THE USE OF LICIT OR ILLICIT DRUGS. IT IS MEANT ONLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT. SO YOU KNOW. DON'T LIKE USE THIS AS A REFERENCE OR ANYTHING OR BE ALL LIKE "HEY I'M GONNA GO GET SOME MUSHROOMS AND GET SUPERPOWERS" CAUSE THAT DOESN'T WORK.

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