Episode 122: Here We Go Once Again With The Emails!


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In this episode we answer emails from EJ, J Allen, Paul, Hoarseman, Larry and Anderson. We discuss bitcoin funds, the Callan Periodic Table, transitioning your portfolio to decumulation, I-bonds, a momentum strategy and becoming a financial planner/advisor.
Updated Kiplinger article re (now 12) crypto-currency funds: 12 Bitcoin ETFs and Cryptocurrency Funds You Should Know | Kiplinger
Larry's Link Re Momentum Strategy: Accelerating Dual Momentum Investing – engineered portfolio
Millionaires Unveiled Podcast Episode featuring a Financial Advisor: 208: Net Worth of 5M – 2.5M in Tesla Stock (millionairesunveiled.com)
Money Guy Episode re Choosing Financial Advisors: How and When to Hire a Financial Advisor! - YouTube
Michael Kitces Podcast For Financial Advisors: About the Financial Advisor Success Podcast by Michael Kitces

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