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Alex Budak is a social entrepreneur, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business professor, and author of “Becoming a Changemaker: An Actionable, Inclusive Guide to Leading Positive Change at Any Level”.

This conversation is an invitation to get unstuck. Alex shares accessible principles and frameworks needed to lead impactful changes in lives and communities.
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Recorded on 12/6/22
00:00 A story about iconic labor leader Dolores Huerta
4:06 How Alex Budak created “Becoming a Changemaker” at UC Berkeley
9:12 The feeling of walking into a classroom as a professor for the first time
10:41 The differences in teaching Gen Z vs. executive audiences
18:30 Optimism and recognizing opportunity
23:02 The definition of a Changemaker
31:36 Research on tipping points among social conventions
34:45 The Risk Quotient
38:25 Trusting others’ abilities while managing for the downside
41:25 Who does Alex deeply admire as a leader and why?
42:43 Unattractive traits of less inclusive leaders
45:10 Connecting concepts with Marshall Goldsmith’s teachings
48:53 Micro-leadership
51:51 Are you too intimidated to step into the unknown
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