San Diego for Haiti Project


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For the SD for Haiti Project, people can get more info about the event and tickets at:

Kofi Andoh:

Kofi was born and raised in Ghana. He came to the US as a teen and received multiple engineering and fine arts degrees at Boston, Columbia, and Wayne State University. Over the years, Kofi has proven himself to be a passionate musician and a playwright and still works as a systems/controls engineer in the aerospace industry. His love for humanity, food, and life led to the birth of Word Of Mouth Kitchen. He is enjoying the experience and challenges of the mobile restaurant/catering business. He looks forward to the wonderful adventures ahead and dazzling the taste buds of the community with his creations.



Instagram: Wordofmouthkitchen

Wesley Etienne:

Wesley Etienne is a multi-instrumentalist with Haitian American roots. He currently plays in California with bands Boostive & Mitchum Yacoub.

Instagram: Wesleyblows


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