ITRODUCING Curly Conspiracies: The Persian Princess Mummy


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This is legitimately one of my don't want to miss it podcasts every week. Each episode is typically around 30 minutes so it's perfect while preparing dinner or going for a walk. This is a fun and evidence based way to explore popular conspiracy theories. Description of episode & podcast below.
Description of Show:
Curly Conspiracies podcast is a show filled with mysteries, conspiracies, and things that go bump in the night. Each episode covers deep topics that bring laughter, curiosity, and a new perspective of events that have taken place in our history. Join Holly and Brooke every Thursday for a new mystery or conspiracy theory that will blow your tin foil hat off!
During a murder investigation, a tip leads police to a video of a mummified 2,600 year old Persian Princess circulating the dark web in Pakistan being sold on the black market. Details about this discovery made scientists skeptical about its authenticity. Once more research was done though, what they found was much more disturbing than they had ever imagined.

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