114: Introducing Asian Lizzo


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This week’s episode is sponsoted by the podcast series AXN Fey Hollow, AXN Asia’s first crime thriller podcast! The eight-episode crime thriller audio drama is produced by KC Global Media (KCGM) Asia and follows the story of two detectives tracking down a sadistic serial killer who uses brutal fairy tale inspired rituals to murder his victims. It’s an immersive audio drama with a unique dual ending, giving listeners the power to determine the fate of Fey Hollow and its characters. Choose your ending! Different fairy tale inspired murders every episode, so who’s the serial killer behind all of these gruesome murders? Listen to the podcast to find out more. A global production it features numerous international talents and Singaporean local artists and singaporean local homegrown artists like Lim Kay Tong, Naomi Yeo and DJ Joshua Simon. Find the podcast at https://spoti.fi/3w98iK0 or wherever you listen to your podcasts!
This week Evelyn takes up personal training, Nigel tells us why he hates getting free stuff and Evelyn finally turns Nigel into a fativist!
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