Sara Schulting-Kranz on Finding Forgiveness Through Nature


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What is your first step on the path to forgiveness?

Sara has experienced many traumas and shifts in her own life, most recently ending her marriage of 20 years to her best friend and husband after finding out that he was gay. Sara’s own personal healing journey was accomplished through her passion for hiking, climbing, paddling and running. Physically discharging the trauma and pain, she was able to attain clarity, emotional strength and resiliency in order to forgive her husband. Forgiveness became the foundation that enabled her to build a healthy interpersonal relationship with her ex-husband and keep her family intact.

In this episode, Sara dives deep into the inspiration for her new book, Walk Through This. On Sara’s path to forgiveness, she just put one foot in front of the other; that is how Sara has survived today. We all create our own trail in life; sometimes, we get diverted in ways that we don’t expect. However, it’s all about taking the steps forward and enjoying the journey because our destination is never-ending. That way, you can find true joy every single day.

Later, Sara speaks about how she healed her deepest traumas. In order to feel rebirth, we have to feel all of the feelings. Also, Sara explains how she found the healing power of nature. Through the process of experiencing nature, Sara realized that all you have to do is listen. It’s time to be in a place of acceptance and surrender on your forgiveness journey. Nature will shift how our brain operates, so get out there and enjoy the beauty. Plus, Sara explains the best way to find your inner freedom and peace.

Tune in as we talk about nature-deficit disorder, how to experience nature when you’re not “outdoorsy,” and the ways we can start to forgive ourselves.

In This Episode:

  • About Sara Schulting-Kranz [ 2:25 ]
  • Why we need to feel everything in order to heal [ 19:45 ]
  • How Sara found the healing power of nature [ 24:40 ]
  • The connection between listening, surrender, and forgiveness [ 29:50 ]
  • About the steps you can take to forgive [ 34:20 ]
  • What to know about nature-deficit disorder [ 45:00 ]
  • Why nature is for everyone [ 52:00 ]
  • The importance of enjoying the journey out in nature [ 55:00 ]
  • The ways we can work on forgiving ourselves [ 68:30 ]


  • “We have to walk through all the anger and the pain in order to get to the side of freedom and peace.”
  • “Forgive yourself first.”
  • “Release all your pain and breathe through it.”
  • “We feel most alive in the wild.”
  • “Trauma is stored in our cells.”

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