Jenine Dilts-Bayman on Empowering Our Families through Functional Fitness


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Are you looking to regain your health + fitness through all the challenges that motherhood presents?

Jenine Dilts Bayman is the Founder of the Mums With Bubs Fitness classes, the New Mama Lifestyle online membership program, and this website, formally known as Mums With Bubs Fitness. She is a mother of two, a personal trainer, and a fitness enthusiast.

Hey, all the moms out there – this episode is for you! When you have a kiddo, you suddenly are a shell of your former self, and you no longer recognize who you used to be. My guest, Jenine Dilts Bayman, helps mamas maintain and regain their health and fitness. There are all sorts of challenges that motherhood presents; however, Janine is ready to inspire and motivate. We talk all about functional fitness. Did you know that functional fitness actually helps us live our lives to the fullest? Plus, it gives us more energy to have joy in what we do as human beings on this earth. It's time that we start looking more holistically at our health and wellness.

When we become mothers, our definition of health can absolutely change. Before motherhood, often we are worried about what our body looks like and how we can change our appearance. When we think like this, it's disrespectful to ourselves. Sadly, we don't really appreciate what our bodies can give us. After having kids, we need to stay strong to chase them around, carry them, and give them our full attention. So, adding movement into your life will be critical in terms of hormones, mindset, and overall wellbeing. Tune in as Jenine gives all sorts of tips and tricks on how moms can regain their health and enjoy all that life has to offer!

In This Episode:

  • What health means to Jenine [ 5:00 ]
  • The benefits of adding movement into your life [ 8:00 ]
  • Jenine speaks about the accident that changed her perspective [ 11:30 ]
  • Why you need to let go of your limiting beliefs [ 19:00 ]
  • Find a place where you no longer feel depleted [ 25:30 ]
  • How moms can take better care of themselves [ 28:30 ]
  • Why your kids need to see you enjoying movement [ 37:00 ]
  • Remember – it’s okay to have a bad day [ 44:45 ]
  • Think about how movement is affecting your body [ 57:00 ]


  • “I never realized how much I needed to be in nature every day, to really get those creative juices flowing.”
  • “Take a real deep breath, and appreciate what's around you.”
  • “You think you don't have time to take care of yourself, and then something will happen, and you have to.”
  • “Play with your children through movement.”
  • “Prep food when you get a chance.”

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