Janet Castillo on the Transformative Power of Dance


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Are you ready to unleash your freedom and creativity?

Janet Co. is a Dance Instructor, Performance Coach and Host and Producer of the WORK IT! TV Show. She has worked and trained in various styles with the industry’s best from Toronto, New York City, Hollywood, and London, England. Passionate about her craft and making a difference, Janet’s mission is to spread dance to as many people as possible through her WORK IT! Dance Workshops and Coaching Programs. She uses dance as a tool for inspiring others to unleash their potential and fearlessly go after their dreams. As a TV personality, she is the host and co-producer of the WORK IT! TV Show which teaches audiences how to get the moves and style of today’s leading popstars. Additional television and film appearances include being the featured judge and mentor on Much Music’s Best Dance Crew, So You Think You Can Dance, Making it Big, Latin Grammys, The Drop, Jammx Kids TV Special (Queen Latifah, Randy Jackson), Take the Lead, Honey, Disband Reality and the Toronto Show.

In this episode, we dive deep into Janet's story. She opens up by talking about why she felt the need to grow up and stop playing. Thankfully for us, she learned that playing, moving, and dancing is a way to be in the present. Plus, playing will help us embody who we are; it is a way to be ourselves, no matter our age. Luckily, we can all find this same beauty in dance and the same empowerment through dance.

During Covid, Janet has been able to see the silver lining. Even in a pandemic, we can see what's possible and what opportunities are specifically just waiting for us. Janet is a dance teacher and a coach; she found loads of chances for connection beyond the physical during these challenging times. Plus, we talk about what can happen when we embrace our spiritual side. When we stay present, then we can empower ourselves to feel confident and feel connected. Tune in as we chat about how we can unleash our freedom and creativity through dance!

In This Episode:

  • About Janet [ 1:50 ]
  • What is lighting Janet up right now [ 5:10 ]
  • Janet dives deep into her journey [ 9:00 ]
  • The changes that occur when people start dancing [ 21:40 ]
  • How dance allows freedom and creativity [ 34:10 ]
  • Recommendations for unleashing our freedom [ 45:10 ]
  • How dance can help us feel embodied [ 54:40 ]
  • What Janet would say to people who “can’t dance” [ 64:50 ]


  • “You have everything already in you.”
  • “The way that you approach dance will be the way that you approach life.”
  • “Once you live in the present moment, there are no walls.”
  • “The creative process is messy; it's not perfect, and that's beautiful.”
  • “Have your own dance party!”

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