Amber Lilyestrom on Coming Home to Who You Really Are


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Are you wondering how to unlock your authentic self?

Amber Lilyestrom is a transformational branding strategist and business coach, author and speaker. She has been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur and Working Mother Magazine. She is the host of The Amber Lilyestrom Show podcast, which has over 100,000 monthly downloads. and the creator of the Ignite Your Soul Summit, an annual live event in Portsmouth, NH.

In this episode, we dive straight into what it means to find and embrace connection. For Amber, a connection starts with open-heartedness. When a connection feels the best, it’s where we put down our shields, our fears, and our worries about being judged. Then, we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Amber had to learn how to use her voice and find courage from deep within to become vulnerable.

Then, Amber explains how we can teach our children to be vulnerable in a safe environment. It’s all about being a role model for our children and showing them what vulnerability looks like. Later, we jump into the importance of loving the connection between our body and mind. Amber reveals the details behind her eating disorder and what it took to love her body and her mind again.

Tune in as we go in-depth about finding a more feminine experience with our bodies, why freedom is a choice that we all have, and how Covid is the perfect excuse to change our circumstances.

In This Episode:

  • About Amber Lilyestrom [ 2:40 ]
  • What connection means to Amber [ 5:00 ]
  • How to learn about our vulnerabilities [ 7:25 ]
  • Helping our children learn about vulnerability in a safe environment [ 11:40 ]
  • How we can use our connection between body and mind [ 22:00 ]
  • The ways we can move into a more feminine experience with our bodies [ 32:55 ]
  • Why freedom is a choice that we all have [ 48:10 ]
  • What it means to live life from the inside out [ 53:20 ]


  • “You can’t be courageous if you’re not willing to be vulnerable.”
  • “Show up in your vulnerability, in your truth, and own that.”
  • “If I can’t feel my feelings in front of my child, what am I trying to protect her from?”
  • “Our lives are unfolding for us.”
  • “If you are not happy with your circumstances, then this is an opportunity to change them.”

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