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Visit Revero/Carnivore.Diet member Alex tells his story of how, after an accident, he struggled with PTSD. At the same time, he had weight issues. The carnivore diet has brought him relief from those as well as from joint pain, heart burn, and ADHD. Find Alex on Twitter and his podcast, The Builder's Journey.

Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 02:18 Proper human diet 02:43 Chronic fatigue syndrome 03:26 Lean protein 04:16 Recreational logging accident and PTSD, ketamine infusions 05:38 Injuries 08:13 Diet and lifestyle 10:20 Sobriety 11:13 Cognitive benefits of carnivore diet 11:47 Transitioning to carnivore diet 13:45 Exercise 15:46 Diet and PTSD 17:53 Carnivore diet and healthcare cost savings 20:31 Getting called “fat” 23:55 Losing weight and being miserable 25:26 People noticing improvement on carnivore diet 26:35 Carnivore diet and peers 27:23 Knees over toes 29:03 Cholesterol 31:20 Burger patties 33:40 Heart disease risk 36:17 Reaching out to people about carnivore diet through podcast 38:26 Negative effects of the carnivore diet 41:18 Importance of doctors 42:21 Plant-based agenda in Colorado 43:42 Cattle water consumption argument 44:20 Brain working better on the carnivore diet 45:36 Where to find Alex

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