Matriarch Leads Family To Carnivore Diet | Dr. Shawn Baker & Victoria


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Victoria is a native of Paraguay currently living in Florida. She tells her health story and how she has been getting members of her family, both in Paraguay and the US, on the carnivore diet and turning their health around.

Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 03:59 Health challenges 09:11 Ancestors ate lots of meat 14:36 Carnivore diet at any age 18:21 Sugar in food 23:00 Paraguayans in the US 25:53 Carnivore diet is simple 28:20 Is the carnivore diet boring? 31:05 Pesticides in plant foods 33:09 Depression 35:15 Getting stronger on carnivore diet 37:28 Listening to your kids 39:15 Meat in Paraguay 40:59 Dairy products 41:42 Cheese in South America 42:42 Relatives’ reactions to carnivore diet 44:41 Is it easy to do carnivore diet in Paraguay? 46:23 Carnivore diet in Orlando 47:40 Chicken and pork on the carnivore diet 49:43 Lab results 50:59 Diet and teeth at old age 53:05 Generations misled about diet

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