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Jonathan has been in the nutrition industry, studying carefully for nearly 15 years. He has also undertaken several courses surrounding human health, including Medical Science and a Nutrition and Herbal Science certification. Over that span of time, he has seen fad diets come and go. With the amount of misinformation online, he decided to uncover the truth. He has been using the most up-to-date scientific literature and experience from working with hundreds of individuals with unique health situations. He recognized a gap in the market for affordable, yet high-quality, diet coaching.

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Timestamps 00:00 Introduction 01:27 Bodybuilding since 14 01:56 Bodybuilding on the carnivore diet 03:02 Advanced training 05:04 Day of eating for maintaining 07:22 Five meals a day on the carnivore diet 08:24 Muscle protein synthesis 11:07 Autistic spectrum disorder 13:47 Nutrition during upbringing 15:02 Jonathan’s approach to bodybuilding 18:11 Degenerative condition spine 19:55 Training around injury 21:08 Spinal fusion surgery 22:44 Problems eating a lot of protein. 25:50 Leaning up 28:24 Protein and fat macros 30:26 Mental health 31:17 Electrolyte management 32:58 Cutting on the carnivore diet 34:19 Putting on muscle on the carnivore diet 35:21 Bodybuilding and health 38:17 Supplementing on the carnivore diet 39:32 Jonathan’s day job 40:05 Using carnivore with clients 41:39 White rice vs brown rice 43:43 Norwegian soccer player on the carnivore diet 45:30 Obesity in the UK 46:57 Autism on the carnivore diet 48:30 Mood on carnivore diet 49:16 Is the carnivore diet expensive? 51:19 Where to find Jonathan

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