Do Plants Make Us Depressed? | Dr. Shawn Baker & Gene


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Revero/Carnivore.Diet member Gene comes on to be interviewed about his carnivore success story. Find Gene on IG: meat.wod

Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 01:17 Alcohol, depression 01:56 Joining Revero community 02:36 The straw that broke the camel’s back 04:24 Discovering carnivore diet 04:39 Gary Taubes’ book Good Calories, Bad Calories 06:36 Carnivore diet transition issues 08:16 Giving up vegetables 09:07 Diet variations 10:16 Quitting alcohol cold turkey 10:48 Moderation 11:34 ADHD 12:44 Exercise, mountain biking, running, without carbs 14:03 Carnivore snacks 14:56 Carnivore diet and cardiovascular disease risk 16:22 Quality of life over quantity of life 17:06 Physician support for diet 20:57 Markers and lean protein 22:13 Simplicity, satiety, and intuitiveness on the carnivore diet 23:34 Carnivore diet affordable 25:09 Carnivore diet and family 26:10 Low-protein, high-carb in school 26:44 Child obesity in the United States 26:59 Emotional stability and going back to school 28:46 Carnivore diet and social circles 30:22 Working out versus diet 30:54 ADHD diagnosis and carnivore diet 33:05 South Beach diet 34:30 Eli Whitney and cottonseed oil as industrial lubricant 35:22 Brad Marshall 35:55 Gout 39:20 Grass-finished vs grain-finished 39:49 Organ meats 40:27 Higher protein or higher fat 41:53 Diet satisfaction 43:19 Having non-carnivore foods in the house 45:00 Reducing meat consumption 46:41 Gene on social media 48:10 Revero community support for Gene

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