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Dr. Eric Goodman, DC is the founder and creator of Foundation Training. He has published 3 books contributing to health innovation for individuals and communities. He continues to treat and lecture around the world but lives mostly in Hawaii with his wife Jen and their daughter Sunny.

Foundation Training was born of out of necessity. In 2007 Eric Goodman was in his last year of chiropractic school gaining knowledge and skills but remaining debilitated by back pain that had followed him for years. He was advised to get spinal fusion surgery, but after deeply considering the effectiveness and physical toll it would take, declined this option. He instead worked to create a better solution. This choice became the catalyst for his life’s work.

Dr. Goodman became the doctor he wished he had, creating innovative corrective movements as the answer to his pain. Understanding the challenge of being a patient without viable options, he started teaching the exercises to help other people help themselves. These exercises became Foundation Training and have been utilized by tens of thousands of people to get out of pain.

The “business” of Foundation Training is a family affair, run by close friends committed to the common goal of helping people and holding to the commitment of continually learning how to do this better.

Over the years, our talented teaching staff have contributed significantly to helping us breakdown the information to make it easier to learn, including developing certifications that allow us to produce instructors who deeply understand and are skilled at teaching the material.

Foundation Training’s programs remains innovative, continually evolving as knowledge, resources, and applications expand. The community of instructors, clients, patients, and friends whose lives have been improved remains the core of who we are.

Connect with Dr. Goodman: https://ftstreaming.com/

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