#104 The Brain and Chiropractic: Dr. Monique Andrews


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Dr. Monique Andrews is a chiropractor, neuroscientist and international award winning speaker who has been teaching about chiropractic, the brain and the mind-body continuum for 20 years.

Prior to becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Mo was a research scientist, who published peer-reviewed papers in the fields of Psychoneuroimmunology and the Neurobiology of Stress and Reward. Today, she teaches internationally on topics such as the Neurophysiology of Subluxation, Consciousness and Polyvagal as Manula Neuroscience.

Affectionately known as ‘Dr. Mo’, she is adored by students and docs for her ability to make even the most difficult concepts accessible to everyone. Dr Mo served as Chair of Basic Sciences and Professor of Neurology and patient education at a chiropractic college for 6 years. She is currently the CEO of Dr Mo Knows, an interactive Science and Communication Mastery program for chiropractors and chiropractic students.

Dr Mo is co-founder of The PRANA Foundation where she integrates western neuroscience with eastern spiritual practices to serve as a mentor and master teacher facilitating workshops, masterminds and transformative retreats around the world. Dr Mo’s mission is to ease the path for others - helping human beings transform through mentorship, education, community & love. Few people possess the expertise, presence and wisdom to make a meaningful impact on humanity. Dr. Andrews is a rare gift to our profession.

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