GestaltU Podcast with Jason Josephiac on Portable Alpha, Risk Mitigation and the Future of Investing


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This week Adam and Rodrigo of ReSolve Global* had the pleasure of speaking with Jason Josephiac of Meketa Investment Group. Our conversation spanned topics including:

  • His background in the industry and joining Meketa
  • Asset Allocation: label/category diversification vs. risk/functional diversification
  • Risk Parity vs. Traditional Asset Allocation
  • What Portable Alpha
  • Synthetically creating your own “bond” with risk factors not directly tied to spreads and rates
  • Risk Mitigating Strategies (RMS)
  • Long Volatility – 1st Responders
  • Trend Following – 2nd Responders
  • Beta Neutral and Uncorrelated (Diversifiers)
  • Behavioral/psychological biases of investors
  • Why “hedge funds” are not an asset class and many “hedge fund” programs tend not to withstand the test of time
  • What is risk?
  • Generalists vs. Specialists
  • How LDI portfolios could be improved
  • Evolution of dissecting returns and understanding factor risks, what is alpha vs. beta
  • How can investment managers and investors become better aligned?

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