#BlackInSciComm Week and STEM diversity | Raven Baxter aka Raven the Science Maven


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This week’s guest is Raven Baxter, aka Raven the Science Maven.

Raven is a molecular biologist and science communicator who, as well as sharing her love of science with the world, is also a huge champion of greater diversity in the STEM sector. One of the most notable ways that she’s challenge stereotypical ideas of what a scientists should look and act like is a rap song that she recorded and produced a video for called Big Ole Geeks.

She also recently gave a TEDX talk about the narrow way in which scientists are represented in the media and the damaging effect that the lack of representation of Black and other minority groups in the STEM world is having on Black people who are trying to forge careers as scientists, and also on the STEM sector as a whole.

Her latest venture is as lead organiser of #BlackInSciComm Week that starts on Sunday 4th October and runs until 10th October 2020. As we hear from Raven, it’s been created as an opportunity for Black science communicators to recentre themselves after the traumatic events of past months, to amplify existing Black scicommers and to provide support and training for new, upcoming Black communicators of science.

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