EP301 Investing in Fun: Hotels, Campgrounds, Amusement Parks and Chicken Wings with Jeff Gebhart


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We’re going to talk about some fun alternative asset classes today that will expand your thinking about what really constitutes rental property.

My guest today started his career in sports medicine and spent four summers with the Buffalo Bills as an athletic trainer. It didn’t take him long to realize that he loved business and wanted to become an entrepreneur.

Jeff Gebhart started flipping single family rentals and then pivoted to buying commercial properties in West Michigan. His company FNG Properties currently owns roughly $3 Million in Michigan real estate and is a limited partner in over $25 Million in multifamily nationally.

And here’s the fun part… Jeff is also an executive for Silver Lake Management Company, which operates four Craig’s Cruisers, Silver Lake Chicken Shack, Jellystone Campground, Dunes Express Hotel, and the new Billy Bones Best Ever Wings in Grandville, Michigan. Jeff is also a partner in Locked 460 Escape Rooms and the bass player for the locally famous Rocket Fuel Haulers, the unofficial #2 best cover band in Michigan.

Jeff is going to discuss each business model and how it relates to real estate investing, along with the ethos of fun, due diligence and customer service he brings to each endeavor. You’ll also learn how Jeff and his team realized they were in the restaurant business, even though they considered themselves to be in the ‘fun’ business. We’ll also talk about choosing your customer, maximizing your efficiency, and why multifamily real estate and passive investing outperform most other assets.

This is a super fun conversation that I know you’re going to enjoy. You can contact Jeff through email at jeff@craigscruisers.com

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