EP298 How His Painful Real Estate Experiences Boosted His Street Smart Success, with Roger Becker


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My guest today is a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor who hosts the excellent podcast called “Street Smart Success”.

Roger Becker is also a great guy and is not afraid to share the ups & downs of the deals he’s done, which include single family, commercial properties, and a rent-controlled multifamily in San Francisco.

Today Roger goes where very few investors care to travel --- he’ll be sharing some of the more painful investments he made and the lessons he learned from them. He’ll discuss the duplex he house hacked and how he was barely able to pay the mortgage each month. We’ll also talk about the 100% loss he experienced on a commercial office and retail property when he partnered with someone that seemed to know what they were doing but didn’t.

Roger will also go into detail on the 5-unit Rent Controlled Multifamily he acquired in San Francisco, and why he had to sell it when he realized that the tenants would never move out and allow him to increase rents to market rate. We’ll also discuss the difficult decision he faced to condo-ize the building, and how the next investor he sold it to did just that and faced the wrath of the neighbors, city, and media.

I know you’re going to enjoy listening to Roger’s stories and learning from his sometimes painful experiences. You can contract Roger through email: roger@streetsmartsuccess.com

And be sure to check out his excellent podcast “Street Smart Success”.

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