Amazon and The Fault In Their Stores


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This week we dig into Amazon's physical store strategy as it ups the ante with the expansion of its mainstream grocery store concept (Amazon Fresh), convenience stores (Amazon Go), and an initial foray into brick-and-mortar apparel (Amazon Style). We ponder why Whole Foods has gotten worse under their leadership and whether the company's tendency to see most everything as an engineering problem keeps them from delivering the emotional content and artistic side of retail they will need to succeed in the future. We get Steve's full report on his store visits and reprise how important it is to understand "buying" vs. "shopping."

But first we open up with the retail news that caught our attention this week, including lots of scary macro-economic news. We also discuss the dire surprise warnings from Walmart and Best Buy, as well as a dismal earnings report from Shopify. Then we try to unpack Amazon's earnings, which we found less than stellar, despite Wall Street's ebullience.


We look forward to seeing everyone at Grocery Shop

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