#5 Used Car Salesman to Multi-Million Dollar Development Manager


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In today's episode (#5) we interview Josh Bloomfield. Josh started his journey as a used car salesman and perfected his craft of sales and dealing with people. Fast forward to today, Josh is a project manager of a multi-million dollar 250+ acre development that is going in along a corridor of I-75, nestled right in Cridersville just south of Lima, OH. The Crossroads of Northwest Ohio will be a collection of mixed use, retail, light industrial, residential, and restaurants that our region desperately needs. Josh directs all aspects of the project including negotiations, real estate acquisitions, legal, engineering, local and federal grants, zoning, annexation, construction and public relations. He also works directly with Dr. Craig Nicholson, the founder and visionary of the development, on the overall vision and long-term planning of the project.

Listen in to see how Josh got to where he is at! One of the keys to success that Josh shares is PERSEVERANCE! You must persevere even when you don’t see successful results at first. Josh and the whole Crossroads team is a great example of this!

Connect with Josh at:
Want more information on the Crossroads project, want to partner, or just have questions for Josh? Text at: (419) 371 - 4430
Josh's REI resource recommendation:
Relationships and your network. Don’t just go into relationships looking for what benefit you can get out of them, but really connect and network with people and you will be amazed at the benefit they add to your life, business, and career.

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