#13 Airtight Leases with Attorney J. Grant Neal


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In today's episode (#13) We interview J. Grant Neal. Grant is a real estate attorney and is experienced in helping investors and business owners with tenant/landlord law as it pertains to leases. Listen in to hear common pitfalls or oversights when it comes to lease agreements and what things are recommended to include when setting up a lease with your tenants. Grant’s practice extends to the fields of Personal Injury, Real Estate, Estates and Wills, civil litigation, contract review, appeals, and business formation. He has served as the City Law Director for Wapakoneta since the beginning of 2020.
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Grant’s Li’l Nugget:

Sometimes it is not always better or necessary to start an LLC for your investment property. Of course it always depends on your investment strategy and goals but additional costs are associated with having an investment property in a LLC rather than your personal name. One of the overlooked downsides is that you are required to hire an attorney to handle an eviction if the property is held in a LLC. If the property is held in your personal name, you or your property manager can handle the eviction by yourself and save hundreds of dollars for each eviction.
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