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In today's episode (#11) we interview Austin Sherer. Austin is a certified public accountant (CPA) and is experienced in helping investors and business owners with tax strategies. Austin is the Newest partner of Sielschott, Walsh, Keifer, Regula, & Sherer Inc. He started working in accounting at 19, getting hands on experience while finishing his degree. He has been helping investors and business owners save money for 15 years by utilizing his tax knowledge (legally). He officially became a CPA at 24, and a partner at the firm at 30. Last year his firm handled 4,500 1040s! Listen in to learn some great business/investing strategies!

4 Practical Do’s and Don’ts of Owning a Real Estate Investing Business
1. Don’t collect your rents in Cash. They need to be documented.
2. If not for appreciation, buy for CASH FLOW.
3. Track business income and expenses.
4. Don’t rent to friends or family, treat your business like a business.

Connect with Austin at:
There is a contact section on the website if you would like to contact Austin or utilize his tax services.
Austin’s Li’l Nugget:
Find someone who is doing something you think is interesting and sit down with that person for coffee or lunch. Make it your goal to have a conversation and learn from someone different once a month!

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