#10 BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT | What Does It Take to Start Your Own Business with Chad Endsley


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In today's episode (#10) we have our first BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT episode with Chad Endsley. Chad is the owner/founder of Dash & Joey’s Gourmet Smoothies and Juices. This Locally owned and operated business is proud to serve Lima and the surrounding communities with fresh, made-to-order smoothies, juices and select food items. Listen in to hear Chad’s story from working at a gym with his dad, to starting his own business! Chad explains the trials, benefits, and his goals in starting his own business. He was willing to sleep in a basement, take no pay, and work 14-16 hour days; all to hustle and start up the gym with his dad. He took that grit and experience and is now succeeding in his own business.
Want to be an entrepreneur? Take a listen to this podcast and make the plunge for your own business!

Connect with Chad at:
Facebook: Dash & Joey’s
Visit Chad at his Lima location - He is working most mornings! 435 South Eastown Road Lima, OH 45805.
Chad’s REI/Business resource recommendation:
Learn from other people! For Chad, he learned a lot from his dad. Find someone who is doing what you want to do, and learn from them! It really is that simple.

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