Regenerating the Oceans with Dune Lankard


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Welcome to part 2 of our water series in the Regenerative by Design podcast series.

In this episode, we discuss our oceans. Most discussions about regenerative agriculture are focused on land systems. We will explore the role of regeneration in the world's oceans. We will learn about mariculture, kelp farming, and fishing through the lens of Dune Lankard. Dune has spent his life on the sea as both a subsistence and commercial fisherman. He is also a globally renowned environmental activist who worked tirelessly to advocate for the Prince Williams Sound, Copper River Delta, Alaskan wildlife, and Native Peoples. We will hear about how the Exxon Valdez oil spill dramatically impacted Prince Williams Sound and how his experiences influence his problem-solving today as we face climate change.

Dune speaks from the perspective of someone who has made their subsistence and livelihood from the sea. He describes the changes he has seen throughout his lifetime and how it has affected how humans can live in harmony with the sea. In his lifetime, he has witnessed the loss of an entire ecosystem, an economy, and the way of life disappearing in Alaska and ocean communities worldwide.

This deep episode will make you take a step back and see the delicate balance of humanity, economics, and ecosystems in a new light.

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