Challenging Our Limiting Beliefs In Business And In Life


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We might be our own worst inner critic, so how many of our beliefs are based on fact?

As Andy & Louise start a business at ‘middle age’, in a pandemic, from separate cities, communicating remotely, with bootstrapped start-up funds, no plan B or physical product to sell, it’s no surprise doubt crept in.

Can we really expect to succeed later in life? Would people want to listen to us working on our own mental health, sharing our insights? Could we find a common thread in diverse voices?

How about subverting the patriarchy, making content for people outside of mainstream targets? We had big ideas and big self-doubt to challenge.

In this episode of Reframe of Mind, Louise & Andy chat to experts on their business journey. But make no mistake, this ISN’T an episode about business, but challenging and overcoming the limiting beliefs that hold us back from giving our dreams a go.

Professor of Entrepreneurship, Alex Maritz, from La Trobe University shares the truth about senior-preneurs and late transitions to self-employment and busts the belief that ‘old dogs can’t learn new tricks’.

And Female Economy expert Jacinta Carboon, who has been instrumental in the fight for gender equality in corporate Australia for decades, tells us just how important and undervalued the female economy is.

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