Ep 361: Scaling Up Recruiting


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The corporate focus on Talent Acquisition is significant at the moment as companies across the world deal with the challenges of getting the right talent into their organisations. But what strategies do talent acquisition leaders need to successfully scale their recruiting operations at a time of such significant transformation?

My guest this week is someone who has been scaling recruiting teams in Silicon Valley for a long time. Richard Cho is Head of Recruiting at Robinhood, having previously been with Facebook, Dropbox, Machine Zone and The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Robinhood recently made headlines in the industry by acquiring recruiting firm Binc; I am delighted that Richard agreed to come on the show to talk about Robinhood's strategy and share some hugely valuable insights into the way ahead for talent acquisition.

In the interview, we discuss:

▪ The recruiting challenges at Robinhood

▪ Building the business case

▪ Don't normalise the extraordinary, have the right foundation of resources in place.

▪ The three levels of talent acquisition technology

▪ Sophisticated data modelling to build capability models

▪ Building specialist interviewing capacity and gathering interview intelligence data

▪ Why diversity is a selection issue, not a pipeline issue

▪ The Binc acquisition and combining two recruiting cultures

▪ What will the future of talent acquisition look like

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