Ep 355: Global Talent Survey


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There is currently daily speculation about what the future of work will now look like and how employees might be feeling about it. Rather than trading in speculation and assumptions, I wanted to bring you some proper data to help us find out what is actually happening.

With that in mind, my guest this week is Jon Wilson, CEO of Totaljobs. Every year Totaljobs work with their international partners in The Network in conjunction with Boston Consulting to produce the largest survey of employees and job seekers in the world. The latest research is built on data gathered from over 200,000 respondents across 190 countries and looks at the pandemic's impact on employment preferences and global talent mobility trends.

In the interview, we discuss:

▪ The methodology behind the research

▪ Remote work and whether employees expect it to continue

▪ The advantages and implications of remote work across borders

▪ Employee experience, what is important to people now

▪ DE&I

▪ Sustainability and environmental issues

▪ Reskilling and career changes

▪ What happens next

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